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Are you looking for help to build your software products and get more clients online?

Fact 1

Successful companies are constantly creating or improving their products, and with that comes the need to hire new talent to help them deliver those products on time.

Fact 2

Software development used to be much simpler, but now you need to think of key aspects like a good architecture, user experience (UX design), efficiency and security.

Fact 3

The best products and services don't dominate the market.


What we can do for you

Web Development

Websites are meant to bring you clients, if you don't have a website or your website doesn't generate income for you then let us help you TODAY.
We build websites that make you money!

  • Landing Pages
  • Single / Multiple Page Websites
  • E-commerce Shopify Websites
  • E-learning Websites
  • Sales Web Funnels
  • Fully Custom Websites
  • Elementor / Wordpress

Software Development

Do you need professionals to build a software solution (fully customized or integrating commercial tools) and you don't have enough capacity or you need advice? We're happy to help!

  • Commercial & Internal Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • API Development
  • Node.js
  • Grails
  • Spring
  • React
Our Process

How we work with you

Schedule A Strategy Call (For Free)

The main goal: to understand your business, discover your objectives and set up a clear plan to achieve them.

Analize if we are a good fit to work together

We want to make sure that we can deliver according to your time, budget and expectations. You should also be a good client to work for.


If we both agree, we set up our next steps to work on your awesome project!


What our clients say

Maria Cebrian - Co-Founder and CEO Terraseed

Rick and his team at Flarespots helped us to get more investors and improve our sales by enhancing our Shopify page.

Maria Cebrian Co-Founder and CEO
Kendall Ruiz Jimenez, Managing Partner - Aselecom Abogados

I wanted to beat my competition by having a great online presence. Flarespots built a brand new website for our firm and helped us to sell virtual courses online. Since then, we are expanding exponentially.

Kendall Ruiz Jimenez Managing Partner
Carlos Murillo, Co Founder and Debt Collection Attorney - Estrategia Legal Attorneys at Law.
Estrategia Legal

Thanks to Flarespots, me and my team boosted our productivity and we are now able to serve our clients very efficiently. They built our internal Software platforms and our website, helping us bring more clients in and keeping our current clients happy.

Carlos Murillo Co Founder and Debt Collection Attorney
Alexander Zamora - Olympic Committee President for Costa Rica
Costa Rican Olympic Committee

Flarespots helped me to build 2 different E-Learning platforms meant to stimulate teenager interest in sports and also helped to identify future sport talents among them.

Alexander Zamora Olympic Committee President for Costa Rica
Andres & Diana. Co Founders - Kuker

With a lot of manual processes in our business we were prone to delays, human errors and unhappy customers. We tried a lot of commercial applications to help us but couldn’t find anything that fit to our needs. That’s why Flarespots came in and build for us exactly what we needed. Because of that we have happy customers and have grown a lot.

Andres & Diana Co-Founders

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